Custom heights and store timeline update, with prices!

The feedback that I've been getting from the early orders has been amazing! Everyone so far has had a positive experience with the custom buttons, and some have even reported improvements in play or reductions on hand strain with custom heights.

Custom heights

In order to dial in discrete values for "short" and "tall" variations of each button, I started off with a range that I'd estimated was reasonable. Then, I sanded down each order of buttons to some point in that range and recorded the resulting height. Using the feedback from over twenty players, both across the U.S. and locally in Dallas, I decided on specific numbers to aim for within those ranges.

Now that I have a set of ideal values, I'm working on making them as consistent and repeatable as possible. When sanding down buttons by hand, its difficult to keep the removed surface level and maintain an accuracy smaller than .15mm. That may seem incredibly small, but any variations larger than that are perceptively different during gameplay.

Next, sanding down the buttons meant that the entire bottom surface had to be flat, leaving no room for the traditional raised edges over a lowered stem. I've found that this doesn't actually make a difference for the majority of controllers, since the raised edge is often not tall enough to even contact the rubber membrane. However, on some controllers, variations in the rubber-dome membrane actually causes the outer ridge to make contact before the inner stem depresses completely.

Therefore, one of those controllers fitted with my early test buttons would no longer have the outer ridge to provide physical resistance. To the player, this causes the custom buttons to feel "mushy" or less solid than their original counterparts.

Fortunately, both of these issues(reproducibility and flatness) can be solved with the same solution. I plan on manufacturing custom, two-part silicon molds to each of the three heights, "short", "original", and "tall". These molds will produce the same heights with every pour, removing the need to sand each button, removing the ridges.


With all of this in mind, I'm planning on producing a catalog of the more commonly requested colors and keeping them in stock in different heights. Orders from this set of colors will be processed more quickly, and will cost $15 per set of face buttons(A, B, X, Y and Start). You'll also be able to choose particular heights per button.

For those who want more involved effects, like pearlescent dyes, closely matched colors, or embedded objects like glitter, I'll also be offering custom pours. We'll work with you personally to come up with a feasible style and do our best to produce it. This will cost $25 per set.

I can also make buttons with a metal coating, with actual metal powders. Since this process is more involved and includes more expensive materials it will cost $30 per set.

Pending orders

I still have some early testers waiting for their second order. First of all, thanks for being so patient! All of you have been amazing with your feedback and I really want to get you the best possible second set. You guys will get the first runs out of the new molds

Don't worry, I'll add something extra as a thanks!


My goal is to have the store up and accepting orders by next Friday, November 4th. Check back soon!

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