Status update and resin casting

Hey followers! I'm sorry about the lack of activity lately, but I've been putting a lot of small updates on my Twitter while preparing for the Kickstarter!

A Reddit comment last week turned me onto the idea of resin casting shells, which seemed like a reasonable alternative to injection molding for the medium quantities that I'll be targeting with the Kickstarter. I gave my hand at resin casting some buttons to great success!

I've been able to cast clear buttons, slightly opaque buttons, pastel and solid colored buttons, as well as more interesting effects like marbled or streaked colors. Throughout the process, I've been obtaining feedback from local competitive players and have been honing in on optimal button heights and textures. It's been a great success!

The custom buttons themselves have been getting a ton of attention on Twitter and I'm excited to expand into casting custom shells if the Kickstarter is successful. I'll also bundle the buttons into the Kickstarter alongside my Shinewave mod!

The prototypes for v0.3.1 of the hardware have been also been going well! I've already assembled eight of the boards and have installed them in various controllers.

This board measures in at about 22mm by 21mm, or less than a square inch. It's easily small enough to fit into a controller's empty rumble housing, and the final version with less tall headers will even be able to fit into one of the handles.

The microUSB port on the back also has a lot of exciting possibilities that will help bring the Gamecube controller into the modern generation! There's a bit much to talk about, so stay tuned for more details in the Kickstarter.

I've mentioned this in a few comments around the internet, but I am going to be out of town for the rest of the summer beginning in about a week. I'm aiming to get the campaign live before then, so I'll be able to demo the prototypes and communicate while on the road. I'll also be able to do some programming work, so it'll still be a productive two months.

Stay tuned into this blog and follow me at @serisium for updates as I go!

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