Short run of custom buttons

UPDATE 9/12/2016 You guys have given an amazing response and a lot of useful feedback! Unfortunately, I've hit the limit for how fast I can ship out buttons before building a proper storefront. With that in mind, I'm going to cut off any new orders and work on filling out all of the pending orders and building an online store to handle requests. I'm also going to start training my roommates to help out!

A decent number of people have already contacted me about buying custom-molded GameCube buttons for their own controller, so I decided to make that opportunity available!

I'm doing a short run of custom molded buttons in order to get feedback on different button heights. I'm already planning on making "short", "normal", and "tall" buttons, but I haven't quite dialed in those heights yet.

I'm limiting myself at around twenty sets, since I'll also be testing out new methods for handling shipping and customer communication.


With all of that in mind, I want to give buyers as many options as possible, but I also need to rail in what is feasible for me to do. Each set of these buttons is hand made and tested by me, so I need to put a ceiling on the work I do per button set.

At the moment, I can only make A, B, X, Y, and Start buttons. I am working on making D-Pads, shoulder buttons, and the Z trigger, but I don't have those ready yet.

Since all of the buttons are poured together from the same mixture, doing different colors within the set means doing multiple batches. Since mixing and getting accurate colors is very difficult in small quantities, I'm only offering one color per batch.

I can try to match any colors you ask for, with varying levels of transparency. I've already had success doing opaque, solid color buttons and slightly transparent buttons, but I don't yet have the materials and equipment to do "optically clear" casts. I also don't yet have a vacuum chamber or degasser, so any transparent buttons will have visible bubbles of air suspended in resin. It makes a pretty cool effect, but isn't always desired.

Beyond aesthetics, you can also let me know whether you'd like "short", "normal", or "tall" buttons. Shorter buttons are easier to press with a sliding motion(such as while X->B multishining), and tall buttons have less travel and require less force to press. In my personal controller, I have a normal X button paired with shorter A and B buttons. When I asked Zhu for his opinion, he said that my setup would make it easier for him to multishine, but he'd have to get used to lasering with the shorter B.


If this all sounds interesting, shoot me an email here and I'll get back to you. I'll be asking $25 for the following things:

  • One set of matching A, B, X, Y, and Start buttons, each with "short", "normal", or "tall" heights
  • With your feedback on the first set of buttons, I'll also make you a second set with any height or color modifications.
  • Shipping included(US only for now)

EDIT 9/12/2016
Orders are closed! Thanks a ton for the interest!

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